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Mitt Little Brony

Mitt Romney documentary with Brony doc dialogue.
Jun 16 '14

pinkpussy-xo asked:

Come back we miss youuuuu

I’m late responding to this, but THANK YOU.

I’ve considered doing more in the months since finishing, but ultimately I got to tell the story I wanted to tell, make the jokes I wanted to make, and although it’s a quick-ass read, it’s 12 scenes and I think anymore would’ve been me treading over essentially the same scenarios. 

It was my baby, and even though it never blew up to super internet fame I’m happy with it. Plus that was never the point anyway. What was the point, you ask?

I enjoyed the Brony documentary, but there was a glaring omission that kept it from being something actually remarkable. It’s obvious to anyone that watched— it didn’t ask any serious questions, really, about sexual motivations, or any of the less than glowing aspects of Bronyism (to which I assume there are several). It was flat when it should’ve been sharp, and missed nicking a big vein that I think a lot of people would’ve been very interested in watching either dressed honestly and repaired or bleed out. 

The Romney documentary also had the same glaring flaw, aside from the fact that in nearly every scene it starred a rich personality-less white guy named Mitt Romney, and that is if it had asked any hard questions, any at all, it too could have been enthralling. But it didn’t. If the questions in the Brony documentary were softball, these were sitting on the tee for the Romneys to step up to the plate to and bunt heroically.

The point of “Mitt Little Brony” initially was to combine the two documentaries in an effort to potentially resolve the flaws of each, and of course to make fun of Romney in the process because seriously fuck that guy. 

What I did not intend on doing was falling in love with this new version of the man.

"Brony Romney" is everything Mitt Romney is not. He loves something he is not supposed to, and he loves it so much that it makes him vulnerable, sensitive, and completely at the mercy of often cruelly judgmental public. Powerless. The "real" Mitt Romney, not so much. He’s too polished, his armor made up of millions of dollars worth of, well, dollars, impenetrable to any peanut gallery’s knife or grasp.

I think I probably felt it on the first scene. And from there on it wasn’t about dogging Romney (like I thought it would be) or making fun of Bronies (which I never really wanted it to be either), but just an honest story of a fragile, passionate man on an unwinnable journey. 

The Bronies made him better, and I think that speaks both to the good in Bronies and to the weakness in his persona.  

In any case if you’ve read this far then thank you for allowing me to wax poetic about something so ridiculous. It means a lot to me and it makes me deeply satisfied to think the whole thing might have meant something to you.

If you’re interested in following more of my stuff my main site is a low brow tv comedy site that’s been my baby-baby (I have several babies apparently) for a lonnng time now: It has a bunch of my original work archived on it, most of which is shit as you can imagine, but some of which you may recognize from around the web. 

If you wanna collaborate or otherwise use my talents for evil feel free to drop me a line on either one of the tumblr’ers or follow me on twitter:

This was fun for me, I hope it was for you too. May Mitt Little Brony live forever in the minds and hearts of tumblarians forever, and probably nowhere else.


Feb 7 '14

Bonus scene from the cutting room floor.

Feb 6 '14

imageBe good to those around you whether they’re into ponys, furries, or republican candidates. We’re all we got. Love. —Clinto

Feb 5 '14

Concession speech part 1

Feb 5 '14

A tender moment in defeat.

Stay tuned for the epic two part conclusion/concession speech and after that a bonus scene previously left behind on the cutting room floor.

They really gotta be more careful, those custodians of the cutting room floor. Always leaving things behind and such— sheesh!

Feb 3 '14

The end is neigh.

[Editors note: It has been brought to my attention that the newspaper used in the final panel is from the 2008 election and not the 2012 election. Apologies, what you see now is an updated version edited to reflect greater accuracy.]

Jan 31 '14

The shot heard round the world.

Jan 31 '14

Getting pumped to dubstep before the big debate.

[Editors Note: For readers out there wondering about Mitt’s cutie mark, Mitt wanted to keep it on for the debate but his handlers convinced him it was a bad idea and forced him to remove it.

They literally held him under a sink it was too terrifying to show here or discuss further.

Just before this scene (the one pictured above) Mitt laments privately to his wife regarding his decision to not have the mark surgically applied. She tells him that “his true cutie mark is on the inside.” He accuses her of “not being a doctor” and “how do you know what’s on my insides?” before leaving the room in a huff.

These would be his final moments before his last debate with president O.]

Jan 31 '14

Mitt receives his cutie mark before the big debate.

Jan 30 '14
Jan 30 '14
Jan 30 '14
Jan 30 '14