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Mitt Little Brony

Mitt Romney documentary with Brony doc dialogue.

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Jan 30 '14
Jan 30 '14
Jan 30 '14
Jan 30 '14
Jan 31 '14

Mitt receives his cutie mark before the big debate.

Jan 31 '14

Getting pumped to dubstep before the big debate.

[Editors Note: For readers out there wondering about Mitt’s cutie mark, Mitt wanted to keep it on for the debate but his handlers convinced him it was a bad idea and forced him to remove it.

They literally held him under a sink it was too terrifying to show here or discuss further.

Just before this scene (the one pictured above) Mitt laments privately to his wife regarding his decision to not have the mark surgically applied. She tells him that “his true cutie mark is on the inside.” He accuses her of “not being a doctor” and “how do you know what’s on my insides?” before leaving the room in a huff.

These would be his final moments before his last debate with president O.]

Jan 31 '14

The shot heard round the world.

Feb 3 '14

The end is neigh.

[Editors note: It has been brought to my attention that the newspaper used in the final panel is from the 2008 election and not the 2012 election. Apologies, what you see now is an updated version edited to reflect greater accuracy.]

Feb 5 '14

A tender moment in defeat.

Stay tuned for the epic two part conclusion/concession speech and after that a bonus scene previously left behind on the cutting room floor.

They really gotta be more careful, those custodians of the cutting room floor. Always leaving things behind and such— sheesh!

Feb 5 '14

Concession speech part 1

Feb 6 '14

imageBe good to those around you whether they’re into ponys, furries, or republican candidates. We’re all we got. Love. —Clinto

Feb 7 '14

Bonus scene from the cutting room floor.